Let’s go on a journey…

Your journey…

You’re heading off somewhere exciting, you know where you’re going and you’ve excitedly researched the area, the weather, what you need to take and how long it’s going to take you to get there.

The snacks are all lined up ready to pack, the journey is pre-loaded on google maps, you’ve picked the best route, probably planned any stops, you know who is travelling with you, they know where you’re going and the car has been checked over.

The destination is somewhere you’ve never been before in the UK and it’s a long journey in the car to get there. The journey is all part of the adventure for you and you’re keen to get going.

The day arrives, final preparations, you pack the car and you’re off. Some of you on time, some of you a little late and very occasionally something delays you leaving that day entirely, so you replan and reset to go the following day/week/month.

But when you’re on the journey, you keep to the route and have an arrival time at your destination in mind and you’re working towards it. Sometimes traffic tries to undermine your journey and you look at where you are, question if there’s a quicker way round it and then decide if you should take that or just sit and wait in the queue.

If you can’t get round the delay quickly, you think ahead and make adjustments – you cut out a stop to ensure you get to the destination on time, or you accept you’re delayed and think about how that affects your arrival and adjust that accordingly.

Sometimes, along the way, you see a sign and want to make an unplanned stop to see something. You then calculate any impact on your journey and decide if what you’re stopping for is worth the delay, sometimes you decide it is and sometimes it isn’t, but you always weigh up if it’s worth doing.

If you decide it is, you accept that there’s a payoff on arrival time at your destination, or that you have to sacrifice a day at the destination to enjoy something beautiful on the way.

But stop at too many places on the way and you’ll never get to your destination. If you do that knowledgeably and fully accepting what you lose from your original holiday plans, so be it, but your fellow travellers might be a bit upset if they don’t share your joy in the journey overriding where you were going.

However, eventually you get to your destination and always, some of it exceeds expectations and some of it is less than you expected – so you make adjustments now you know more about it and enjoy the fact that you got there.

Then it’s time to make plans to move on again…

Does this sound like a typical holiday journey to you? You’ve probably been through this scenario or familiar a few times – in fact so many times that a lot of this happens on autopilot – replanning routes whilst keeping your eye on the destination, knowing focusing on that ultimately delivers you to there, exactly where you’re aiming to be?

So tell me, now do you see why having a vision for your business and focusing on it delivers results?

I believe you already know how to do this, growing a business is a journey too – we just tend to over-complicate it and that leads us to believe we can’t do it.

You have all the tools within you to deliver your vision for your business, you just need to trust the journey.

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