"Boundary Scout entrepreneurs have so much in common with explorers. You don’t run with the pack. You don’t even lead the pack… you’re so far ahead that they can only see the smoke from your fire.”

You’re probably wondering why I call myself a Boundary Scout, so let me explain…

For me it’s a reminder to never be ordinary, to never settle, to always seek the space not yet taken, the challenge not yet tried.  

Let’s imagine that you’re an adventurer, going into uncharted territory. 

You’re not quite sure what’s going to happen, how it’s going to play out or even if it will all turn out well – but you still do it.


Business starts with the vision to dream…

Continues with the courage to dare…

And requires the bravery to step out into the world.

To me, that’s what unites voyagers, entrepreneurs and adventurers in their endeavours.  The passion to go in the first place, the tenacity to carry on in the face of adversity and the vulnerability to learn from their mistakes on the go.

Entrepreneurs have so much in common with explorers. Actually, let me correct myself, boundary scout entrepreneurs have so much in common with explorers…​

Why the correction?

There’s a lot of businesses out there now, and more starting up every day.  Each and everyone of them is an ‘entrepreneur’ – a person who sets up a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

But I don’t believe that every one of them is a boundary scout entrepreneur…

Because many of them see other people running a business, think that it looks great to be your own boss and able to make decisions, and think they’d like to do it. 

They’re business owners for sure.

But will they be boundary scout entrepreneurs? Leaders of the future? Pioneers of change?

Probably not. You see the truth is, you can’t stand out by being a me-too business.

You stand out by being radically different.

You stand out when your business is passion first, customer forward and innovative.

You don’t run with the pack.

You don’t even lead the pack… you’re so far ahead that they can only see the smoke from your fire.

With a mindset like this, you too can be a boundary scout.

If you start thinking like a boundary scout, you don’t even need to compete, people will only ever be able to copy where you’ve been, they’ll arrive and find the smoking embers of your campfire and maybe a few footsteps leading into the distance…because you’ll be long gone.

Those who know me, know that innovative thinking is my superpower and creating standout businesses through vision and focus is my special skill.

I am a Boundary Scout, and I’d love to teach you how to harness your inner boundary scout and get up and out of your business. 

Hi, my name’s Emma!

I’ve built, bought, sold and advised 6&7 figure businesses, I’ve managed businesses through tough times too – and I’ve learnt from every single thing I’ve done and I’m still learning…

And what I’ve realised is this: If you do what other people do, then you’ll always be competing with them.

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