About You

  • You want to grow but you’re not exactly sure where to go, you have LOTS of ideas
  • You’d love to do a course but you just don’t have the time
  • You think you might be at the point where you might need a non-executive director but you’re not exactly sure what that is
  • It frustrates you that your competition are continually copying you
  • You want to learn but at the coalface, you don’t need spoon feeding, you need the time to think it through, a bit of unblocking here and there and then reminding to keep on track
  • Nobody realises how tough it is at the top, how lonely it is and how nice it would be if someone just said that you’ve done a great job every now and again.

About Me

My prediction is that you probably saw the words Boundary Scout and popped to the Boundary Scout page and have a bit of an idea about everything now – but you’re still not quite sure who I am and what I can do for you.

So let’s resolve that for you right now.

First and foremost I’m an entrepreneur, I’m running my own businesses and advising a couple of others.  I love to find innovative solutions and ways forward, (see where the boundary scout is coming from?? ;))  and helping others nail their vision and focus on delivering it is where I feel I can add the best value for people. So I’m most certainly an entrepreneur who mentors others, rather than a mentor who used to be an entrepreneur – and that means that when you work with me, you get the things I am thinking about learning in the field right now.

I’ve worked in corporate companies and smaller entrepreneurial ones, across most departments in the companies I’ve been with and this has given me a really wide range of experience and as your guide, that makes me invaluable to you.

Let’s have a quick tot up.

Current live directorships :  3

Companies currently owned : 5

Companies currently advising : 2

Current markets : Jewellery retail, hospitality, manufacturing, precision engineering

Special powers : I help ambitious entrepreneurs see a clear path for their businesses that they can’t see and I keep them focused on delivering it, profitably.

What have I been through?

I’ve lived through a few recessions now, so I know how to bake resilience into your company. I’ve done a start-up, I’ve worked for big corporate companies. I’ve raised millions of pounds in funding and I’ve had to run a business with zero funds to speak of. I’ve grown companies and employed people and I’ve lost business and had to lay them off. I’ve had more sleepless nights than I care to remember and I’ve sold companies and made really good returns on investment for shareholders and employees. I’ve made big mistakes and sorted out how to move forward and I’ve come up with life changing business ideas and designs. I discovered my love for business paths here – setting course and heading off into the wild blue yonder!

To keep ahead in business, you ideally need to have innovative solutions for growth and at least a Plan B in case things don’t work out – and it’s hard to develop these in the cut and thrust of busy running the business time. So I’ll help you to get up and out of the business, to look where you don’t normally look and to think about the things you don’t normally consider and then you’ll come up with your next steps, put a plan together and then focus on delivering it.

Learning-wise, I think doing things, making mistakes and moving on from them is one of the best schools you can go to – but I do also like to check out book learning as well, so I’m a qualified management accountant and I have an MBA with a side of Operations Management qualification, I’ve also been an Executive and a non-Executive Director on a number of boards. I’ve been an honorary Fellow at the Exeter University Centre for Leadership which is where I absolutely fell in love with innovation and having the courage to move ahead of the pack. I’ve coached entrepreneurs when I ran my consultancy business and now I just love doing business, thinking about business, thinking about where business needs to change – I’m just a bit obsessed about helping businesses move forward really!

I know that inviting someone in to help you look at your company is sometimes hard, so although I don’t sugar coat things, I am respectful and empathetic because I know how hard you will have worked to get to where you are now.

So what does all this mean for you? What difference will working with me make? HEADING

When you started or joined your business, you will have spent most of your time having ideas and making them happen, and (with some bumps along the way) over time, your business will have grown. You may now have employees and day-to-day work has taken over and just when you feel you’ve freed up some time to work on new things, a howler of an issue pops up and you join your team fire-fighting and sorting it. You never have any time to work on tomorrow any more…

That’s dangerous for you and your business, without clear plans to move forward, we and our businesses stagnate and over time we start to get eroded. You start to feel dragged down by your work and competitors start to nibble away at your position.

But there is a better way…

But you have to make some time to get up and out of your business regularly and that’s where I come in…


If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got…

Your first step is to commit to making some time and signing up to work with me quarterly is that commitment.

I know you’re busy, so I’m not going to take too much of your time, but what we do together is going to be powerful and will change you and your business for the better – but you’ll be implementing the changes in your business, not me – solutions are much better when you decide on them and do them yourself – I’m just going to share my expedition kit with you – my set of things that I always have in my backpack to get through the journey of growing a business.

There’s 5 things we need to do together…

1 Prepare for the journey – I’ll show you how to quickly free up some time and work out what’s important so you have no excuse for not making this happen 😉

2 Map out your Vision for the future – you’ll come away from this with a three line reminder to help you stay on course.

3 Put some Focus into being able to deliver the plan – you’ll come away from this stage with a one page business plan

4 Business is an Endeavour – this is all about doing the do and keeping an eye on the outcomes – you’ll come away from this stage feeling more resilient, with systems set that will keep an eye on things if you’re not there every day.

5 We all need Continuity so the final element of our map is looking at how to keep this forward focus as a part of your every day life and taking a look at the real work of a Boundary Scout entrepreneur.

What difference will working with me make?

Getting up and out of your business is liberating, it reconnects you to that vibrant entrepreneurial energy, it allows you to build a resilient business that is focused on going forward. The business will be less reliant on you to run on a day-to-day basis and you will have more freedom to explore future potential and gain some time back for yourself. It’s a taster session of my full programme but will actually deliver you results.

Stalking me

Any entrepreneur worth their salt checks people out before they commit, All of my social media links are below, I’m most active on InstagramTM and LinkedIn TM – tune in for a while and see what you think.  Connect with me and say hi or ask any questions.

To save you some time, here are the links for my current business interests:-





www.ukprecision.co.uk (Hubby runs this one, I do the strategy development)

Plus I do the Strategy & business development for www.blackdownshepherdhuts.co.uk and a confidential client.

I’m also a wife, mum and a lover of cake 😉

I know this looks a lot, but I can assure you, I’m not Superwoman, I have a fab team and I work on, not in my businesses and I use the same framework to run all of them – the one that I will share with you if you sign up.  

How can you work with me?

If you like what you see and want to journey with me for a while – you can sign up for my ‘Stride Out to Success’ Masterclass.

This consists of a workbook and an accompanying webinar, it’s not a freebie but it is jam-packed with things I’ve learnt that will help you make valuable changes, moving you ahead of your competition and will generate you way more money than the £49 course investment.  

Find out more and sign up here.

Not ready yet or would prefer to sign up for the full programme when I launch it shortly – sign up to my Boundary Notes newsletter here and be one of the first to hear.  I won’t spam you – it’s a monthly round-up and a bit of thought sharing just for my subscribers.

Thanks so much for reading.