My first time as a podcast guest, I felt the fear and went there anyway…

Well dear reader, if you are one of the people who know me quite well, you will probably know that for all my confidence and bluster – being in the spotlight is not really my favourite place to be!  I’m happy to put myself out there and have opinions, but like a lot of people I really don’t like listening to my own voice on recordings or seeing myself on videos.

However, I spend so much of my time encouraging people that they can do things and should have a go at things, that I didn’t really feel that I could say no when Rhea’s beady eye fell upon me as a potential interviewee for her Small & Supercharged Podcast – plus I’m not sure that taking no for an answer was even on Rhea’s agenda!  Just to make me feel a bit more seat-squirmy, Rhea’s intended topic was me and how I came to be doing what I do now – what led me to this multi-passionate career (in my head I said that in an American accent (mul-tie) and the reality is that the English me cringed because I even used the phrase;))

However, it is probably the nearest thing to describing what I do – I am so lucky in that I get to do things that I love doing every day – however the variety of them generally tends to mean that my day isn’t 9am – 5pm on a regular basis, so that’s where being passionate about what I do really comes into its own and makes long days more palatable.  Owning Hiho and being involved there takes up a lot of my time, but I also run Dimpsey and work with Blackdown Shepherd Huts on their business development.  But for me, this mix works because my work and life are incredibly intertwined and a lot of the things I do in one area generally inform and inspire the others.

The reality is that I don’t always get to do all the things I want to do as a Mum or pursue all the ideas I have for a business, however I do have a lot more flexibility in my life than the average person because I am really lucky and have an incredibly supportive husband, and the teams I work with are brilliant at what they do.  Our boys are teenagers now but when they were really small, a wonderful lady called Amanda came into our lives to look after them.  She has always been a phenomenal support, and moved on to retrain and do all our accounts as the boys grew up.  I had no worries about working as I knew that the boys were happy.  The key liberator for me was realising that I didn’t need to prove that I was Supermum, there was a way that we could all be happy with what we were doing.  Like everything in life, there are always compromises but I would say that I do have work/life balance, even if the boundaries are really blurred and probably some things that others might see as work, I see as downtime.

I hope that I managed to get some of this over in the Podcast without it sounding like a mad mess!  If you do have a listen, then the key takeaway I would like you to remember is that this works for me – I’m not saying that it’s a template that would work for you or anybody else.  I decided a long time ago to try and work with people I like being around, doing things that I love – and it’s this framework that has helped me to be a bit more selective about what I do and to be very mindful about what I juggle things for.

Also, if you’ve been asked to be a podcast guest and are wondering if you should do it or not, or are nervous about doing it – please do give it a try, particularly if Rhea has asked to interview you, she is brilliant at putting you at your ease and steering you through a gentle conversation, I’d thoroughly recommend it as being nowhere as scary as I thought it was going to be.

PS : However, the above paragraph does not preclude the fact that I will be hiding behind a cushion for most of tomorrow wondering if I can pluck up the courage to actually listen to myself!!

If you would like to have a listen – you can hop over to Rhea’s site here or find it on iTunes under Small & Supercharged.  Don’t forget to leave a review on iTunes if you do have a listen please – it will really help Rhea make her way up the charts!

Happy listening!

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