Reset for Success – Business aims E-Workbook

Looking forward and deciding where you want to go and then planning the steps to get there is something we all think we do regularly.

But that looking forward is usually rolled in with trying to get through the detail of the day and often powered by someone making a move in what we see as our marketplace.

But when you take a few hours out and review what’s going on with your business now, and clear some headspace to think about what you want to be happening in the future, it brings you a clarity that eases decision making and a focus that brings results.

For the first time ever, I’ve distilled the things I think about and the tools I use to plan my businesses into an e-workbook that you can work through at your own pace and make your own plans for you and your business.

Only £25.00

If you’re anything like me, running a business, raising a family and snatching a bit of time for yourself is usually pretty all-consuming, so when someone suggests that you do a course or take some time out to work on something, your first response is “I just don’t have time!”

But I’ve learnt over the years that having a plan in the background and clear aims about what I want to do going forwards actually saves me time in the long run.

Having a plan makes decision making really easy – does this move me closer to where I want to be? If it’s yes then I commit to doing it and if it’s a no, I don’t waste time on it.

Not having a plan used to mean that I would pursue red herring projects and cost myself time and money in the process.

But no more, now I carve out the time to set my aims and that time is sacrosanct.

I’ve captured the thought process that I go through when I do that in this e-workbook, which you can work through it in your own time.  I’ve also added in some learnings that I’ve found useful along the way, that I’m sure you’ll find beneficial as well.

I’d advise finding somewhere that you enjoy being, with a couple of hours in hand, as well as a mug of your favourite brew and maybe some biscuits.  I find biscuits help me think…

Once you’ve purchased, if you have any questions, you can find me over here on the substack app and I have a chat thread running on there called Resetting your business for success that you can join and chat with me on.


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