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My name’s Emma and I juggle my businesses, family life and me-time on a daily basis.  Work-wise, in all my businesses, I just love creating great experiences for people and sharing that knowledge with others who want to do the same.

There’s a bit of background about me directly below for those of you who like a bit more detail, but if you’re wondering why it’s worth following me on any of my platforms, then skip to the What’s in it for me section at the bottom of this page.

My philosophy

‘Do what you love with people you love’ is probably one of my favourite sayings and I’ve finally managed to bring it to fruition.  I spend my days working in our gorgeous Somerset based businesses and love what I do – if it doesn’t delight me I try not to do it.

My Background

I’m a qualified Accountant & Board Director and have always been captivated by business. I jumped ship from a corporate manufacturing career 15 years ago and have been running my own business since then, initially as a consultant helping businesses to grow and then running my own businesses, so I’ve got a fair bit of business experience under my belt.

However, to be honest, empathy, intuition and a curiosity about businesses and people are probably my best attributes – because most of my time nowadays is spent thinking about overall customer experiences.

Where you’ll find me

Dimpsey is our 5* luxury shepherd hut glamping business.  We’ve won awards and are well known for being a high end stay with an excellent customer service record.  We dreamed this one up in 2010 and established it in 2014 from scratch, learning lots of lessons in the process.

Blackdown Shepherd Huts built the shepherd huts we have here at Dimpsey and are based about 10 minutes down the road from us.  Over the years, I have become involved with helping them to develop their business and I’m delighted to be part of their story now.

You’ll also see me over at Hiho Silver – a well-known country and equestrian jeweller.  I’ve been involved with them for over 10 years now and the customer retail experience that we provide there has been a great grounding in being able to deliver a great hospitality experience.

Why would you want to stick around…

Over the last 16 years, I have built successful businesses whilst traversing the normal ups and downs that life throws at us.  We worked hard and are lucky enough to live on a small farm and there’s lots to do.  My manufacturing background means that I’m always thinking of more efficient ways to do things and I find that spills over into my business and personal life.  So you’re going to find tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years and general musings about how to cope with having many different demands for your time.  I live and breathe portfolio life and I’m ready to distil all the knowledge, shortcuts and mistakes we made over the years into blog posts and musings that I hope will help you develop your juggling skills.

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