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Welcome to a little corner of my world – I look forward to sharing some of my musings with you.

‘Do what you love with people you like’ is probably one of my favourite sayings and I’ve finally managed to bring it to fruition.  I spend my days working in our gorgeous Somerset based businesses and love what I do.

Background-wise, I qualified as a Management Accountant and spent 15 years in the Manufacturing industry climbing up the career ladder to become Finance & Operations Director and tucking Management Buyout experience under my belt, I left to set up my own business after my second son was born.

Initially developing business plans and raising investment funding, I ended up becoming a non-Executive Director for a number of entrepreneurial businesses and enjoyed the pace and change of the businesses I was working with, I added coaching to my toolkit and learnt how to juggle multiple roles.

Now, the role juggling continues but with my own businesses, I have involvement at various levels in the following businesses :-

hiho180 - About Emma Warren Hiho Silver

Proud to have been jewellers to the equestrian world since 1994, Hiho are well known for their beautiful silver jewellery, designed to take you from mucking out to going out.


dimpsey180 - About Emma Warren Dimpsey Glamping

Dimpsey is a luxury shepherd’s hut retreat for couples enabling them to relax, recharge and rediscover themselves, based on our farm in the Blackdown Hills, Somerset.


Image may contain: text Blackdown Shepherd Huts
I started working with Blackdown on their business development and marketing after we purchased our Dimpsey Shepherd Hut from them.  They’re a great team to work with, always innovative and driving themselves forward.


dimmet avatar 180x180 - About Emma Warren Dimmet Devon

I run Dimmet with my husband, it’s a house that has been in our family for years.  A 70s styled luxury experience taking you and your family back to a nostalgic seaside holiday.


doris180 - About Emma Warren Doris & Co

I own Doris & Co – who we always talk about as a person!  Doris helps you to find me-time and curates gorgeous products to help you enjoy it..


ukp180 - About Emma Warren UK Precision

My manufacturing roots still run deep and I own this business with my husband – but limit my involvement to strategic and supportive advice!