Mentor sessions for entrepreneurs
  • You want to grow but you’re not exactly sure where to go, you have LOTS of ideas
  • You’d love to do a course but you just don’t have the time
  • You think you might be at the point where you might need a non-executive director but you’re not exactly sure what that is
  • It frustrates you that your competition are continually copying you
  • You want to learn but at the coalface, you don’t need spoon feeding, you need the time to think it through, a bit of unblocking here and there and then reminding to keep on track
  • Nobody realises how tough it is at the top, how lonely it is and how nice it would be if someone just said that you’ve done a great job every now and again.
  • Does this sound like you??  Then read on and see how we could work together to help you move forward to the next stage of your business…