My prediction is that you probably saw something about the campaign boxes and popped to the Boundary Scout page and have a bit of an idea about everything now – but you’re still not quite sure who I am and what I can do for you.

So let’s resolve that for you right now.

First and foremost I’m an entrepreneur, I’m running my own businesses and advising a couple of others.  I love to find innovative solutions and ways forward (see where the boundary scout is coming from?? 😉 and I’d really like to share some of the things I’ve learnt along the way with a select group of entrepreneurs.  So I’m most certainly an entrepreneur who will be teaching others, rather than a teacher who used to be an entrepreneur – and I think that’s really important.

I’ve worked in corporate roles, across most departments in the companies I’ve been with and this has given me a really wide range of experience and as your guide, that makes me invaluable to you.

Let’s have a quick tot up.

  • Current live directorships :  3
  • Companies currently owned : 5
  • Companies currently advising : 2
  • Current markets : Jewellery retail, hospitality, manufacturing, precision engineering
  • Special powers : I see paths for businesses that they can’t see and I keep them focused on delivering it, profitably.

What have I been through?

I’ve lived through a few recessions now, so I know how to bake resilience into your company.  I’ve done a start-up, I’ve worked for big corporate companies.  I’ve raised millions of pounds in funding and I’ve had to run a business with zero funds to speak of.  I’ve grown companies and employed people and I’ve lost business and had to lay them off.  I’ve had more sleepless nights than I care to remember and I’ve sold companies and made really good returns on investment for shareholders and employees. I’ve made big mistakes and sorted out how to move forward and I’ve come up with life changing business ideas and designs.  I discovered my love for business paths here – setting course and heading off into the wild blue yonder!

I’m also the person who called tiktok become a learning platform before they launched #tiktoklearn.

  • I set up a 5* shepherd hut in a field in the early days of glamping, when everyone was saying no-one would pay for that (5 years on I am making 6 figures in that business)
  • I called glamping stealing luxury hotel bed nights way before glamping was doing that and moved my manufacturing client into a position to offer a solution to that market place – we’re just signing our 6th six figure contract in that sector.

Learning-wise, I think doing things, making mistakes and moving on from them is one of the best schools you can go to – but I do also like to check out book learning as well, so I’m a qualified management accountant and I have an MBA with a side of Operations Management qualification.  I’ve been an honorary Fellow at the Exeter University Centre for Leadership which is where I absolutely fell in love with innovation and having the courage to move ahead of the pack.  I’ve coached entrepreneurs when I ran my consultancy business and now I just love doing business – but I miss the spark of sharing my knowledge and chewing through different issues – and that’s where you come in!