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Eating out – the Merry Monk in Isleham, near Ely, Cambs

One of the things we like to do for our glamping guests at Dimpsey Glamping is to make sure that when we recommend somewhere, it will live up to expectations so we eat out regularly to ensure that we can recommend places that we have actually eaten at recently.  However, this review is a bit off patch for our Somerset guests, but the food was so sublime that I really thought I ought to review it.

Taking the Hiho Silver Jewellery tradestand to the Newmarket Races July Festival caused Mr W & me to be back in our old stomping ground of the Cambrisgeshire Fens, we were up there for a few days and stayed with friends, so on the last night we went out for supper with our friends and our Hiho Brand Ambassador Harriet Edwards and her other half James.  Our friends had booked The Merry Monk in Isleham, saying that they had heard it was excellent and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

The Merry Monk

Drinks and menu selection from our comfy sofas in the bar, a very patient waitress who was happy to explain various things to us and an excellent gin & tonic started things off on a good note.  It wasn’t long before we were asked to take our seats in the restaurant and individual muffin breads arrived for each of us.

Some of us had ordered starters and they arrived really quickly and were absolutely delicious – the tempura squid rings being a particular highlight.

The mains we ordered were varied, and all of them looked so good that various cross-plate tasting had to take place before we could settle down to eat in earnest.  Beautifully served and exquisitely cooked, the chicken, the duck, the steak were enjoyed so much that a veritable silence fell across the table as we all savoured our individual meals.  The triple cooked chips were good and chunky, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside- perfect!

A solitary pudding was consumed as we were all feeling quietly stuffed – but it was a delicious pudding and the ensuing coffees completed a very fine meal.

I have to say that my favourite touch was when the bill arrived – neatly hidden inside a Ladybird book of the Hangover!

Photo Credit: The Merry Monk


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