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The only really good idea is the one you’re actually working on…

Like many entrepreneurs, I have loads of ideas for new businesses and making money, they flit into my head at the most inconvenient of times and I am usually convinced that they are absolute bankers of ideas and on that basis, I used to let them steal thinking time – you know, being such good ideas, they deserved some airtime.

I also often found myself muttering about a new business that I read about, along the lines of, “I had that idea ages ago” and it almost felt that the people launching had “stolen” my idea. The fact that I had let the idea divert me for a few days a number of years ago meant that it was a plausible business and I COULD have done it, therefore I felt a certain amount of proprietorship over the idea.

I put the word COULD in bold above for a reason, as that is the fact of the matter, I could have done it but I didn’t. I didn’t feel strongly enough about it to divert all my time into it, to have sleepless nights about it or to put any money investment into bringing it into being.

However, what I did do on a regular basis was let these ideas divert me from what I was actually working on, and given that I’ve been an entrepreneur for a lot of years now, the bottom line was that I was actually diverting myself from something that I had put time, money and effort into and when I started thinking about it. these diversions were actually costing me money as I was losing time moving myself forward in what I should have been concentrating on.

But my shoulder gremlin (these gremlins are pesky and whisper naughty things into my ears regularly) kept whispering “but what if you miss out on a big chance, what if you close down on THE ONE?” You know that ONE idea that just goes stratospheric overnight and you sit on a beach as the money rolls in. My shoulder gremlin is usually totally convinced that this is entirely possible and tries to lure me off-course like a mythical mermaid siren sitting on the rocks and luring sailors to their death.

The passage of time has granted me a much better ability to stand back from situations and look at what’s actually happening and from that more objective standpoint I managed to identify that this ideas diversion was happening and I took steps to address this. I came up with a way to acknowledge that the ideas were there and that I could see they had potential – which meant the gremlin stayed asleep – but at the same time acknowledged that they weren’t right for me right now.

The blue sky ideas, (as I came to know them) end up parked neatly somewhere that I know I can find them if I need them. The shoulder gremlin slumbers through the brief appearance they make in my mind, and I meanwhile am free to concentrate on the idea that really has got legs, that I am passionate about, with said passion in turn creating the ideal environment for my business idea.

Focus and flourish, that’s what it’s all about for me now…

How about you…are you a flitter around person or a focus person?

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