The illusion of choice

An excellent post from Seth Godin that I just had to share… Sometimes, it seems like all we do is make decisions. Most of those decisions, though, are merely window dressing. This color couch vs. that one? Ketchup or Mayo? This famous college vs. that one? This nice restaurant vs. that one? This logo vs. that one? Genuine choice involves whole new categories, or “none of the above.” Genuine choice

9 Hidden Qualities of Stellar Bosses

What your employees see you doing matters. But often it’s what they can’t see that matters more. Good bosses look good on paper. Great bosses look great in person; their actions show their value. Yet some bosses go even farther. They’re remarkable–not because of what you see them do but what you don’t see them do. Where remarkable bosses are concerned, what you see is far from all you get: They forgive…

ICSA on the guidance on liability of non-executive directors

Thought I would share this fantastic paper from ICSA on the guidance on liability of non-executive directors: care, skill and diligence. Makes good reading and well worth bookmarking!’%20duty%20to%20exercise%20care,%20skill%20and%20diligence%20FINAL%202013.pdf &nbsp

Your Current Customer Research Misses What’s Most Important by Kerry Bodine

I’ve always struggled with the concept of Focus Groups – especially for innovative products and product development as companies tend to ask existing customers or people who don’t know their brand at all.  Existing customers will, by definition, be a bit resistant to change and may not like a development which is critical to a company’s repositioning – to use an example of why I’m not a big fan.  This

From Seth Godin – Time To Take Action

Reading Seth Godin’s blog this morning made me think about how things are changing. Do we accept the changes or do we hark back to the old ways. Seth Godin shows that for business and for leadership, the time we are in right now is the new reality and we really need to accept it and get on with it. An excerpt from his blog post: “Here’s a question that you should clip

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